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If you’ve spent time in our offices, you may have noticed that we have a tight-knit team. We’re excited to announce that our GLO family is growing by one!

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Man with braces at Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

Am I too Old for Braces?

For a long time, braces were considered a teenage rite of passage. Plus, when you think about the braces of even a few decades ago, bulky, shiny metal brackets are probably what come to mind. It’s no wonder that our adult patients often ask us, “Am I too old for braces?” The answer is, absolutely not!  Today’s braces,

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Invisalign Rubber Bands Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

Do I Really Need Invisalign Rubber Bands?

The Use of Invisalign Rubber Bands At Gardner Orthodontics, we’re not just a leading Richmond, VA Invisalign provider, we’re among the top 1% of Invisalign providers in the country. This means we’ve helped thousands of patients perfect their smiles with clear aligners. Of course, many people choose this treatment option because aligners are removable, comfortable and virtually invisible.

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braces 101 questions Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

Braces 101: 10 Common Braces Questions Answered

What Are The Most Common Braces 101 Questions We Hear? At Gardner Orthodontics, so many of our Richmond braces patients begin treatment in July and August before school starts back up again. If you just kicked off your own treatment or it’s on the agenda in the coming weeks, congrats! You’re on your way to straight teeth, a

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teeth shifting after braces avoided by wearing a retainer

How Your Retainer Prevents Teeth Shifting After Braces or Invisalign

Once you have that stellar Gardner grin, it might seem like your orthodontic treatment is over. However, there are actually several stages of braces and Invisalign treatment, including the planning stage, the active stage and, finally, the retention stage. Without the retention stage, which is when you wear a dental retainer (or retainers), you would experience shifting teeth

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what is an overbite for a teen girl mean Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

What is an Overbite and How is it Corrected?

Dr. Graham Gardner and Dr. Dana Tang are board-certified orthodontists. Aside from being your favorite doctors, this also means they have the training and expertise to diagnose, prevent and treat malocclusion, or a bad bite. Malocclusion is when there is an issue with the alignment of the teeth or jaw, which affects how the upper and lower dental

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Top 8 Tips to Prepare Your Child for Braces or Invisalign ® Teen

Tips To Prepare Your Child For Braces Or Invisalign Teen: So your child or teenager needs braces or Invisalign Teen treatment. Thankfully, today’s orthodontic treatment options are more comfortable, efficient and convenient than ever before, meaning your kiddo won’t need to change their entire lifestyle to get a fantastic smile. However, there are still steps they’ll have to

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