Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

At Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics, our team utilizes the latest in orthodontic technology. Cutting-edge procedures, techniques, and equipment help us determine orthodontic issues with expedience and accelerate your treatment.

Lightforce Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

Lightforce Custom Braces

Light force is a digital platform providing orthodontists with fully customized, 3D printed tooth-moving tools, promising to shorten the length of the treatment for the patients.

WildSmiles Designer Braces

WildSmiles brackets are designed so that normal plaque accumulation will rest on the pad instead of on the tooth’s surface. This helps protect the enamel from plaque and tartar buildup and encourages better brushing by making sure the WildSmiles bracket shapes are always visible. This visual reference is a great way for kids and parents to promote excellent oral hygiene throughout the braces journey. Click here to learn more about WildSmiles!

Brackets Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA
Advanced Tech Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

iCAT 3D Dental Imaging

The iCAT 3D Dental Imaging System affords a new level of patient comfort and accuracy in diagnosing orthodontic issues. This system uses 95% less radiation than traditional hospital-based CT scan machines and gives us a 3-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth and jaws.

In addition to moving teeth, braces affect the position and shape of the surrounding bone, gums, lips, cheeks, and muscles of the face. With our 3-D CT scan, we now have the ability to create a complete treatment plan for all factors that the braces will affect.

iTero Digital Impressions

We are proud to offer iTero Digital Impressions for our patients. Unpleasant putty impressions are a thing of the past with the iTero Digital system! For all of our patients, an accurate impression is essential for effective treatment planning and orthodontic care. 

Technology at Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA
Advanced Technology at Gardner & La Rochelle Orthodontics in Richmond, VA

3D Printing

3D printing capabilities bring exciting possibilities to the world of orthodontics and we are proud to be on the cutting edge of this technological innovation. We use 3D Printing to create retainers, mouth guards, and nightguards. This 3D printer allows us to fabricate better quality appliances and retainers, using less shipping resources and saving time!