The Team Approach

Each of our orthodontists are experts. Each of them went to a credentialed dental school, and then spent additional years in specialized orthodontic training. After hundreds of hours of study and examinations, they each received a certification from the American Board of Orthodontics – something that almost half of the orthodontists in America lack!

Dr. Gardner studied at Wake Forest, MCV, and NYU. Dr. LaRochelle studied at Berkeley, University of California San Francisco, and MCV. Dr. Tang attended the University of North Carolina for her undergraduate, dental school, and orthodontics degrees.

Each of these highly rated schools teach the latest in the orthodontics arts, and their graduates are well-prepared for a medical career.

But they’re different. Their teachers have different approaches, and their methods vary. What one instructor may emphasize may be less important to another.

In football, different teams have different game plans. One team may like to run the ball, while another prefers a high-flying passing game, and a third relies on their defense. As they recruit and sign players, they look for players that fit into their scheme.

But a team that likes to run the ball may find themselves with a quarterback with an amazing arm. This opens up great opportunities to throw passes. A new defensive coach may bring a new strategy for linebackers.

A new set of eyes. A fresh set of tools.

We’ve been fortunate to build lasting relationships with many of our patients. When someone comes to Gardner and LaRochelle Orthodontics to realize their amazing smile, they recommend us to friends. When we see one child, we often see a sibling.

To be certain, each of our orthodontists has created each of these relationships. Folks who like Dr. Gardner really like Dr. Gardner (There’s a reason he’s consistently voted “Best Orthodontist” in every local publication!). Patients who see Dr. Tang quickly love and trust her, and they’re always smiling when they leave her chair. When Dr. LaRochelle joined our practice, it seemed as if she had always been here. Like all relationships, that one-on-one interaction matters.

But each of our patients gets the benefit of utilizing the experiences of each of our doctors. When Dr. Gardner sees a patient, he’ll ask Dr. La Rochelle to look over the scans. If Dr. LaRochelle is deciding on the best course of treatment, she’ll consult with Dr. Tang. They share one giant education and decades of experience to create one “Super Orthodontist!”

If you find yourself in an emergency situation and your regular orthodontist is out of the office, the other two know who you are and are familiar with your case. And the reason that Gardner and La Rochelle Orthodontics has these three orthodontists is because they like each other, they respect each other, and they have trust in each other to produce the best possible outcomes and the best beautiful smiles.

It’s the benefit of having a team approach.


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