Can I Get Braces with Periodontitis?

It’s only natural to worry about the look of your teeth. After all, they’re front and center when you talk, laugh, and smile. A lot of thought goes into orthodontic treatment, such as what style of braces to get, and the like. But there is one prevalent question that needs to be answered in regards to orthodontic treatment: Can I get braces with periodontitis (otherwise known as gum disease)?

The answer is a bit more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”


Periodontitis is generally caused due to poor oral hygiene. Despite it being a common issue, it is quite preventable. As long as you are brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily, combined with regular dental checkups, your odds of contracting gum disease drop drastically.

Considering the difficulty braces cause in terms of brushing and flossing, it is little surprise that gum disease can be caused by wearing braces. Although brushing and flossing is more difficult with braces, you can still avoid gum disease throughout treatment. According to OralB, it’s important to remain vigilant when it comes to brushing and flossing around your braces.

But What About Braces With Periodontitis?

The answer to the question regarding getting orthodontic treatment with gum disease is both “yes” and “no.” According to a study published in International Scholarly Research Notices (2017), “orthodontic treatment is possible only when the disease is brought under control via careful monitoring before, during, and after the active therapy.” That statement doesn’t say it is impossible for someone to have braces if they have periodontitis; however, it does recommend that the disease is controlled. If fixed orthodontics are to be used, the patient’s gum disease must first be controlled.

At Gardner Orthodontics, we want to help your smile be the best it can, but we can only do so much. We need your help; by maintaining good oral hygiene on your own, your teeth and gums will be healthy and ready for braces when you are. Visit us online to learn more about Dr. Gardner and our team members. We want to be at your side throughout your smile transformation, so let us know if you have any questions, or schedule a complimentary consultation with us today!


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