5 Practical Invisalign Hacks

5 Practical Invisalign Hacks Compared to going through treatment with traditional metal braces, most teens would agree that Invisalign treatment is a cakewalk! After all, you don’t have to wear any permanent hardware, nor do you have to worry about the self-consciousness that comes with sporting a “metal mouth!” Still, any orthodontic treatment that involves moving and repositioning your teeth is going to come with some challenges, discomfort, and adjustment. Gardner Orthodontics wants you to know that by following a few practical Invisalign hacks and tricks, you can make the most of your treatment!

  1. Always Carry a Case

The transparent nature of your Invisalign trays is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because nobody will be able to tell when you’re wearing your trays! However, it’s a little bit of a curse because if you’re not careful, your trays can be easy to misplace. 

To reduce your chances of losing your Invisalign trays, always keep a case with you and never take your trays out unless you’ve got a case to safely place them in. This will save you from making the all-too-common mistake of placing your trays into a napkin while you’re enjoying a meal–and subsequently throwing the napkin (with your trays!) into the trash afterwards.

  1. Hold Onto Your Old Trays

Okay, this might seem a little strange at first glance. Why would you hold onto your previous set of trays once you graduate to a new set? There’s one common scenario where you’ll be glad you did. If you do happen to misplace your new trays, it could take a few days for your orthodontist to get a new set made and sent over to you. In the meantime, wearing your last set of trays is the best way to prevent your teeth from shifting back and regressing your treatment.

  1. Be Disciplined About Cleaning

Invisalign trays can become stained (not to mention unsanitary to have in your mouth) if you’re not taking proper care of them, so make sure you get into a disciplined cleaning routine. This should include not only brushing the trays thoroughly a couple of times per day, but also soaking them for 30 minutes to an hour in an approved cleaning solution.

  1. Start Carrying a Travel ToothBrush

When you’re on-the-go, having the luxury of removing your trays to eat is wonderful. However, you should avoid putting your trays back in your mouth without first brushing your teeth. While you might not always be able to brush your teeth after every meal, it’s a good idea to start keeping a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in your locker so you can brush as well as possible before popping those trays back in. This advice can be especially useful during your daily lunchtime at school.

  1. Ask for a Set of “Chewies”

When you first switch to a new set of trays, the fit can sometimes feel a bit “off” as your teeth adjust to the new aligners. To close any remaining gaps between your teeth and your new trays, ask your orthodontist for a set of “chewies,” which are basically small rolls of gauze. You can bite down on these “chewies” for a few minutes during your first few days of use with a new set of trays, thus improving the fit and your overall comfort.

While Invisalign treatment is certainly one of the most hassle-free ways to straighten your teeth and improve your smile, following some of these Invisalign hacks can make the experience even easier. Be sure to give these a try for yourself to see what will work best for you throughout your Invisalign treatment plan!  At each of your visits to Gardner Orthodontics during your Invisalign treatment, share what works best for you. We want to know the creative ways teens make their own Invisalign hacks in order to make treatment even better while showing off that beautiful smile! Fill out our online form to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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