Why Choose An Orthodontist?

Have you been considering straightening your teeth to improve your smile? Deciding where to go to straighten your teeth, how to pay for it, and what type of braces to choose can seem endless. In recent years, many general and pediatric dentists have begun offering orthodontic treatment in addition to their other services, which makes the decision even more complicated. When you’re making the decision of who to choose for your provider, consider these reasons for choosing an orthodontist.

Choosing Your Doctor

An orthodontist’s education goes beyond general oral health care and offers specialized training in straightening teeth, correcting bite problems and jaw alignment issues. An orthodontist is an expert in facial surgery, jaw correction and advanced maxofaciallary treatment techniques. Choosing an orthodontist to perform your braces treatment means you are selecting a professional that has devoted their time, education and career to creating beautiful smiles.


Did you know that all orthodontists are also dentists? In order to become an orthodontist, a doctor must first go through dental school before they complete an orthodontic residency program. The residency is normally two to three years long and gives them the opportunity to work on many orthodontic cases under the supervision of skilled orthodontists. A full-time residency requires a budding orthodontist to complete over 40 hours per week to ensure they are properly trained. This education gives an orthodontist the opportunity to hone their skills with many different cases and treatment plans. 


When you choose to invest in straight teeth, you want to make sure it’s done right. An orthodontist is a specialist that specializes in straightening teeth and has undergone rigorous training for orthodontics.


Orthodontists have knowledge on the latest techniques and technology, and can therefore choose the best treatment plan for your teeth. Many dentists only offer Invisalign as an option, and have only the most basic training in how to use the system for teeth straightening. However, this is not the best option for all patients. A orthodontist can offer a wide variety of treatment options and have the skills to treat even the most severe cases.

Considering Invisalign?

If you are an adult or a teenager interested in discreetly straightening your smile, you have come to the right place. Garrett Orthodontics is pleased to be a Diamond Plus Provider of Invisalign. We are able to effectively treat very challenging cases with Invisalign. Dr. Gardner’s vast experience with Invisalign ensures you will have a successful Invisalign journey.

We Can Help!

The team at Gardner Orthodontics specializes in providing individualized, caring service because we know that every patient has unique needs. When you schedule your complimentary consultation, we will walk you through all of the treatment options available and partner with you in choosing the treatment plan for the best possible outcome. We look forwarding to starting your smile journey today (804) 282-0505.

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