Gardner Orthodontics Celebrates Orthodontic Appreciation Week in June!

Did you know that June 4 starts orthodontic appreciation week? It’s a week dedicated to giving a “thank you” to the orthodontic team that made your smile beautiful.
A beautiful smile goes far deeper than just the surface. When you have a brilliant smile on your face, you’re able to look at the world differently and how people view you may change, too. Dr. Gardner and the team at Gardner Orthodontics is responsible for helping make your smile even brighter, so make sure that you’re giving them thanks where it’s due.

Why Your Smile Matters to You
When you know your teeth don’t look their best, it can be difficult to let your smile shine bright. Many people find themselves hiding their smiles or forcing their lips to remain closed because they’re embarrassed. With orthodontic treatment, however, you can transform your smile and experience all of these great benefits.

  • Improve your mood and lower your stress levels by letting your smile shine bright. Research shows that smiling can actually go beyond conveying a happy appearance to the outside world. It can actually make you happier! It appears, researchers believe, that there’s a feedback loop embedded within the body’s responses. As a result, when you smile, you actually feel happier–and letting your smile shine bright because you’re proud of how it looks will help you reach those goals.
  • Improve your positive thinking. It can be difficult to think positive–and often, the brain moves toward negative thoughts in an effort to protect itself. When you remind yourself to smile and make it part of your daily routine, however, you can retrain your brain to start with the positive thoughts.
  • Smiling makes you more productive. You might not have imagined that the expression on your face could have such a big impact on how much you accomplish during your work day. Since happier people are more productive and smiling makes you happier, however, simply putting a smile on your face more often may help you meet those important goals at work.
  • Smiling keeps you healthier. Yes, that’s right: a bright smile can boost your immune system by making you more relaxed. That means fewer colds and other illnesses over the course of your year.

How Your Smile Impacts Others
You’ve got your smile firmly in place so that you can take on your personal challenges. There are plenty of ways putting a smile on your face can change the way people view you, too.

  • When you smile, people will smile back. You’re not just making yourself happier. You’re creating the smile response in them, which in turn makes them happier, too!
  • Smiling faces are viewed as more trustworthy. Want the people around you to trust you? Your smile can have a big impact on it. The bigger and brighter your smile, the more trustworthy people are likely to think that you are.
  • Smiling makes you more approachable. Sure, your smile isn’t the only thing that will make people like you, but it can have a significant impact on how easy people find it to walk up and talk to you. Just like you wouldn’t to walk up to someone with a surly glare, others find it easier to speak with you, ask you questions, and interact with you when you put on that beautiful smile.

A big, bright smile can have a huge impact on every area of your life, both the way you feel and the way others feel about you. Don’t let that go unnoticed! Thank Dr. Gardner and the Gardner Orthodontics team today for their efforts in giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

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