Gardner Orthodontics Achieves An Invisalign Milestone!

Invisalign milestoneGardner Orthodontics is proud to announce that Dr. Gardner has officially treated over 2700 Invisalign cases and reached an Invisalign milestone!

The Invisalign® clear aligner system is designed to be a discreet, nearly invisible option for tooth alignment.  The Invisalign option allows patients to gain the benefits of orthodontic treatment without having to wear conspicuous metal brackets and wires. Teeth and gums are easier to clean due to the aligners removability during meals and for cleaning.  This results in a healthier, straighter smile with less office visits and time spent in the orthodontic chair.

Successfully treating patients with Invisalign is a skill that evolves with many years of experience and knowledge. Orthodontic providers, such as Dr. Gardner, take continuing education courses in order to learn how to use the system for their patients.  Dr. Gardner’s goal is to continue providing outstanding orthodontic results with the Invisalign aligner system for our patients.

Congratulations to Dr. Gardner on achieving this fantastic milestone with Invisalign!  The team at Gardner Orthodontics wants to thank our Invisalign patients, both current and former, for putting their trust in our abilities to create beautiful smiles!

If you’re ready to begin your own Invisalign journey, contact us at 804-282-0505 for a complimentary consultation to get started!

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