What is a Center for Invisalign® Treatment?

Did you know that Gardner Orthodontics has its own Center for Invisalign® Treatment? We have a space dedicated entirely to creating healthy smiles using Invisalign® treatment. Richmond Orthodontic Center for Invisalign® Treatment does not just do Invisalign® on the side.” We know the clear aligner system has many benefits that patients want and need. Our aim is to better serve our patients by offering a dedicated facility to expedite and streamline the orthodontic experience.

The Benefits of having an Invisalign® Treatment Center

Teenagers and adult patients are enthusiastically seeking consultations to determine if they are candidates for Invisalign® treatment. Dr. Gardner and his team are Top 1% Provider of Invisalign® and have a vast range of case experience and expertise. They can determine if you are a candidate for treatment.

The benefits of having a dedicated Center for Invisalign® Treatment include:

  • Technology Right Where We Need It: No more messy, unpleasant impressions with iTero Digital Impression Technology. Dr. Gardner will use the digital scanning system to produce a highly accurate impression of your teeth and the soft tissue structure within your mouth. The scan is then used to customize Invisalign® treatment to your unique needs.
  • Shorter Appointment Times: Our Invisalign® Center allows us to expedite your wait time. Not only will you have fewer appointments, but during your orthodontic visits you will spend less time in the chair because there no wires or brackets to replace or adjust. You will, however, be evaluated to make sure that you are wearing your aligners for the proper amount of time and that your teeth are moving towards their desired positions.
  • Centered on You: Our state-of-the-art Center for Invisalign® Treatment allows us to focus on you! We are dedicated to providing you with the best orthodontic experience from beginning to end. Our Center for Invisalign® Treatment caters to teens and adults in treatment.

Our goal is your best smile! We create smiles by moving teeth to the ideal position, improving aesthetics, promoting proper function and achieving a lifetime of good oral health. If you are considering Invisalign® to achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted, call (804) 282-0505 today or request a complimentary consultation.

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