The Advantages of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

adult treatment richmondGardner Orthodontics is treating an increasing numbers of adult patients. Our patients are not only adults in their 20s to 40s; but also patients aged 50 and better! Some of our young-adult and middle-aged patients find a “Mommy and me” or “Daddy and me” plan enticing, as it saves time and money for families to synchronize their orthodontic treatment visits.

Older adults may be nearing retirement and thinking about finally giving themselves the gift of the smile they have always wanted. Dentists also increasingly refer older patients with misaligned bites or other oral health and comfort issues to orthodontists — because as long as a patient has his teeth and doesn’t suffer from gum disease, he or she has the potential to retain original teeth for a lifetime.

It is a wise investment to straighten and correct the spacing of your teeth, because crowded teeth or teeth which overlap are harder to clean, increasing the likelihood of tooth decay and gum disease. Poor tooth alignment can also put excessive stress on the muscles we use for chewing, causing facial and jaw pain. Unlike earlier older adult generations, we have the option of wearing braces now to help avoid the need for dentures or dental implants later.

What Kind of Braces Should/Would I Get as an Adult?

Plenty of braces options are available which are more aesthetically pleasing. Ceramic braces are available with tooth-colored brackets, and clear braces such as Invisalign are barely detectable.

You can mix and match braces technology so that it works for you, such as choosing to wear ceramic brackets on your top teeth and metal brackets on your lower teeth (actually, metal brackets are smaller than ceramic brackets and more comfortable against your lower lip). Lingual braces are affixed to the back of your lower teeth so they cannot be seen.

What Is the Typical Length of Orthodontic Treatment for Adults?

Generally, adults do need to wear whichever type of braces they select for at least two years. Braces wires are lighter and stronger, but it is more challenging to position adult teeth and jaws correctly.

The mutual benefit for orthodontists and their adult clients is that motivated adults tend to be extremely treatment-compliant and attain outstanding results.

At Gardner Orthodontics, we welcome the complimentary orthodontic consultations we offer for adults. Adults who wish to have orthodontic treatment often come to us eager to articulate their reasons for considering orthodontic treatment, as well as their expectations of “successful treatment.” Please contact us at Gardner Orthodontics by calling (804) 282-0505 or schedule your complimentary consultation online. We look forward to meeting you and setting up your customized treatment plan.

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