What Is Invisalign Treatment Really Like?

Invisalign Richmond VAWhat is Invisalign?

Invisalign™ is a removable, invisible alternative to the metal braces your parents may have worn to straighten their teeth. A series of Invisalign aligners is custom-made for you, to move your teeth in the sequence determined by your doctor. Throughout your treatment, your teeth will progress along the predetermined course as you “graduate” through your sophisticated series of aligners to a beautiful smile.

What are the Benefits of Invisalign™?

There are countless benefits to Invisalign™, but perhaps the greatest benefit is the removability. Even though you can remove your trays for special occasions, Invisalign should be worn 22-23 hours a day as directed by your orthodontist. Other benefits include:

  • Invisible aligners.

  • Flexibility to eat or drink the same food your friends are eating.

  • Ability to clean your teeth optimally, which maximizes your oral health.

  • No metal brackets or wires; therefore, less irritation.

  • Merges well with extracurricular activities like sports and playing musical instruments.

  • Longer time between orthodontic visits.

What Happens After Invisalign Treatment?

Your orthodontist will recommend a retainer after completing orthodontic treatment, whether with Invisalign or traditional metal braces. Wearing a retainer is imperative to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back towards their initial position.

At Gardner Orthodontics we recommend post-treatment retainers for all of our Invisalign patients. Your custom-made retainer will help maintain the end result of your beautiful smile. The benefits of our state-of-the-art technology allow us to create a more precise and comfortably-fitting retainer. Retainers should be worn as consistently as possible as prescribed by your doctor, or your teeth may relapse toward their pre-orthodontic treatment positions.

If you think Invisalign may be the way to achieve the smile you always wanted, please contact Gardner Orthodontics for a complimentary consultation. At Gardner Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, appointments starting on time and the friendliest staff around! Call us today at (804) 767-6840 to schedule your complimentary consultation or schedule online. We look forward to working with you to enhance your smile for a lifetime!

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