Why Moms Love Invisalign Teen

At Gardner Orthodontics, we hear a lot of patients saying that they “love their Invisalign Teen.” Did you know that our patients’ moms love it, too? Read on to learn why moms love Invisalign for their teenagers.

Fewer appointments

With good compliance, patients can complete their Invisalign Teen treatment with one-third fewer appointments than traditional braces require. Fewer trips to the orthodontist mean time and money saved. Mom can always use more of both.

Shorter appointments

Another benefit of Invisalign is when our orthodontists need to see your teen to monitor his or her progress and fit new aligners, the appointment time is shorter than with traditional braces as there are no adjustments of wires or elastics. Shorter orthodontic appointments offer mom more time to spend on other activities.


Invisalign is a system that straightens teeth by a series of custom-made plastic trays that gradually reposition and align the teeth. Unlike traditional braces, patients can remove Invisalign Teen trays for meals and brushing. This means that the orthodontic treatment will not impose any dietary restrictions on the patient, and that mom won’t have to think twice about what to cook for dinner.

Home care is also much easier. Patients tend to comply better with brushing and flossing since they can easily remove the trays for access. Better home care means healthier teeth. Moms love that!

No emergencies

Invisalign treatment uses removable plastic trays, rather than wires and brackets attached to the teeth. This means that nothing on Invisalign is going to break off and require mom to bring her teenager in for an emergency appointment. No orthodontic emergencies means no worries and happy moms.

With the benefits of convenience, fewer and shorter appointments, and no poking wire emergencies, many moms are finding Invisalign Teen is an option they love. Please contact us for an initial complimentary orthodontic consultation for your teen by calling Gardner Orthodontics at (804) 282-0505 or by scheduling online.

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