suresmileAt Gardner Orthodontics we are committed to providing the most cutting-edge technology available in order to offer our patients efficient and effective orthodontic treatment. That is why we are pleased to offer the latest in computer simulated orthodontic technology. suresmile is a powerful leading-edge new tool that allows your orthodontist to visualize, simulate and design the perfect smile for you. With more accurate tooth movement analysis, your doctor can plan the path to your end result with greater precision than ever before.

What is suresmile

The suresmile system is an innovative new digital technology that allows your orthodontist to design your smile esthetics, anticipate tooth movement and root position, and achieve consistently superior outcomes. Your doctor will be able create customized archwires based on your individual requirements using state-of-the-art robotic technology.

How suresmile Works

suresmile software allows your orthodontist to visualize your treatment plan and choose the best bracketing system to fit your individual needs. Your orthodontist will be able to simulate different alignment strategies that will produce the best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time. The steps to achieve a suresmile smile is a process that includes:

  • A detailed 3D model is created of your teeth and jaw.
  • Your doctor will choose and place the bracket system that will achieve the optimum results.
  • Simulations of different treatment options to aid in diagnostic decisions.
  • Your doctor assesses treatment options and establishes the final plan.
  • Your doctor will order custom archwires made with robotic precision that are designed specifically for your treatment plan.

The Benefits of suresmile

Advancements in technology have made orthodontics more efficient and comfortable than ever before. Some of the benefits of suresmile include:

  • Robotic technology bends the archwire to the exact specifications you need with precision that is unavailable using manual techniques.
  • Patients experience a more comfortable dental visit since wires are already bent into position.
  • Pre-designed archwires offer more effective tooth movement which results in decreased treatment time.
  • Studies have shown a 29% decrease in treatment time.
  • No more messy impression process.
  • Orthodontists can view your smile from any angle and make better diagnostic decisions based on your specific requirements.

Gardner Orthodontics is excited to offer suresmile technology to our patients as we continue to expand our knowledge and achieve the highest level of patient care. We look forward to showing you the 3D model of your teeth and offering you the detailed plan on how to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Call today for a complimentary consultation (804) 282-0505.

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