Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

ggoffice91-300x200Think you’re too old to get braces? Think again! It’s never too late to get the straight, confident smile you’ve always dreamed about.

These days more and more of orthodontic patients are adults.  Most people want a great smile, and as adults we understand that it can make a great difference not only in our personal but also our professional lives.

Adults who have had braces would testify to say that the payoff is worth the temporary inconvenience and expense of braces.

You’ve probably seen braces on celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Gwen Stefani, Faith Hill and Ashley Judd.

Thanks to more subtle, less visible treatment options like ceramic braces and Invisalign, adults don’t even have to worry about having to deal with a “metal mouth”.

Today’s technology allows us to help anyone improve their smile so they can live their lives more confidently.  There’s no reason you can’t take advantage of what orthodontic treatment can offer you, even if you’re well beyond your high school or college graduation!

If you want to improve your smile, don’t let your age be a deterrent.  Gardner  Orthodontics can design a program that gets you the smile you’ve dreamed of at any age.

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